February 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

If you live anywhere in the northeastern part of the U.S. you definitely had to deal with the aftermath of Winter Storm Jonas. The storm hit Philadelphia and caused everything to close down. This was the first true snow fall of the year. and proved to be the perfect opportunity to finally see some winter fashion.

A lot of people stayed at home but a few were out braving their ways through the snow covered streets.This Fashionisto was visiting to attend his girlfriend’s winter formal. He loved the snow and looked excited as he walked around. This was apparently the first snow he had ever seen in his entire life! Being from California, he had to improvise when preparing his outfits for dealing with cold weather.

The jacket was originally his dad’s, which he bought in the 1990s.This made him stand out from everyone else who seemed to only be wearing darker colors. The jackets on karmaloop.com stand out in a similar, vintage way. They have a large variety of merchandise for both men and women that can make any outfit unique and stand out.

The gloves were given to him for free, by someone who had noticed his cold hands in a coffee shop. The rest of the outfits are basic layering pieces. The sweater is from J.Crew and the shirt is from Primark. Layering neutral basics works with the brighter color of the jacket. This is true with the accessories, which include a dark navy scarf from J.Crew as well.

One Simple Change: To bring this outfit from day to night, he could switch the green jacket for a darker longer jacket. This would work  for a more formal night time occasion. I love how the bright color stands out during the day, but a darker jacket would be more appropriate for a night time atmosphere.