Even though it’s supposed to be winter, the temperature outside says otherwise. Indiana weather has been really strange, but I’m not complaining. I want to be able to go grab a green tea frappe from Starbucks without having to wear multiple layers of clothing to prepare myself for the cold outside. My least favorite season is winter, but I have to say that this winter has not been that bad. I am enjoying it so far.

The olive green joggers that this Fashionista is wearing really draw my attention. Everybody knows that joggers are the new jeans because they are so cute and comfortable. You can dress up or down with them. I love how she pairs them with a gray long sleeve crop top. Long sleeve crop tops are great with the weather we’re having now in Indiana. It’s good for when you would get too cold to wear a short sleeve, but too hot to wear a normal long sleeve top. A long sleeve crop top is your answer! Instead of blending with the other colors, this Fashionista chooses bordeaux Michael Kors heels to make this outfit more unique and interesting. Finally, she finishes this outfit off with a gold statement necklace from Forever 21.

My favorite part about this outfit is that it looks super comfortable yet very stylish. You can wear this outfit to lunch or to a dinner party. This Fashionista did a really good job of pairing everything together. Your outfit does not have to be in the same shades of color. Make it stand out by wearing vibrant colored shoes. Don’t be scared to try the colors you’ve never tried before and don’t forget to wear it with confidence!

One Simple Change: To change this look from winter to spring, switch the gray long sleeve crop top to a white lace chiffon off-shoulder blouse and add a flower crown to perfect your spring look.