February 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

Winter is now in full swing, which means sweaters, boots, beanies and layers upon layers. While the temperatures have been dropping, it has been getting even more difficult to leave the warmth of our cozy beds for an early morning class (the struggle is real). As university students with busy schedules, we have barely any time to think about what to eat, let alone what to wear. But, who can blame us! It is so easy and not to mention super comfy to slip on a pair of sweatpants, and a bulky jacket. Although, the temperatures have been going into the below freezing (brrr!), there are still some individuals who still can rock their personal style. For example, check out this Fashionisto.

This Fashionisto shows winter who’s boss by staying warm and looking fashionable all at the same time. What first caught my eye was his scarf; it is super trendy, cozy and it is just perfect for the season. An excellent addition to his look is his jacket, it is stylish and unique, as well as warm and durable for the winter season. Finishing off his look, are a pair of black jeans and Vans, which pull the whole look together. Overall, this Fashionisto is like “bring it on winter” and we all know who won this battle!

One Simple Change: Cannot wait until spring arrives? Try rolling up the bottom of the jeans and switch out the scarf for a more colorful one and voila! A spring-approved look.