Seventy degrees, slightly cloudy, with a brisk winter wind, is a common encounter here in San Diego during the winter months. It might sound lovely compared to the snowy conditions of the East Coast and don’t get me wrong, being able to go to the beach during January is great. But when it comes down to the decision of what to wear, that’s a whole other story. This Fashionista’s outfit is a perfect example of what to wear when this temperamental weather hits.

Her look screams Brandy Melville, which is an insanely popular brand among students in the San Diego area, but her black leather knee-high boots give the look a more refined and classic vibe. Whether it’s going to class, or going to the mall, this outfit does not disappoint. The army green ruffled shorts with the black knit crop is perfect for those warm sunny days, but with chilly mornings, her beige cardigan is the perfect addition to keep her warm and stylish. Throw on some layers and don’t be afraid to mix and match “seasons” because just like it did for this Fashionista, it can work out fabulously.

One Simple Change: Brunch with your girlfriends is a common outing here in San Diego, and with a few simple changes, this look will be perfect for a nice upscale brunch.  Switching the boots out for a pair of cute wedges, throwing on a cute skater skirt and an adorable necklace will definitely do the trick.