January 28th, 2016 at 2:00am

As we return back to school after winter break, the Santa Cruz weather stays mostly mild with just a touch of cold air. When walking along the cliffs of the ocean or going to class early in the morning, you definitely need to wear layers. This Fashionisto perfectly shows off his light layers that can be taken on or off throughout the day since the weather here can change from foggy to warm and sunny in a short amount of time.

This Fashionisto’s eye-catching pieces are his accessories. He sports some cool brown wayfarer sunglasses that are necessary if you are roaming around the coast in the afternoon due to the glare off of the ocean. This Fashionisto is wearing a simple but charming brown watch that adds a touch of prep to his style. He also has an antique camera around his neck for photos he might take while walking through the beautiful city.

Dressing for the winter can sometimes be overwhelming when you may not have many pieces of warm clothing. It doesn’t have to be a chore if you just switch up your layers throughout the week. Who’s going to know if you wore that coat three times this week if you just change bits and pieces of the rest of your outfit? This Fashionisto is wearing an effortless black hoodie that he could wear anytime during winter with a change of the shirts underneath. This jacket goes great with the white collared shirt and the plaid shirt that adds color to his whole look. This Fashionisto puts the outfit together with the corresponding colors, white, red, green, black and brown. These colors are amazing during the fall and winter time.

One Simple Change: If you’re wanting a look similar to this for the spring, take off some of the layers and switch them for a button-down shirt or keep the flannel shirt, but just roll up the sleeves to keep cool!