WHAT TO WEAR: When You Are Running Late

Let me first paint a picture for you. It is early morning. Your alarm rings to wake you up before the sun is even up, and you hit the snooze button. Your phone gives you 10 more minutes, and once it’s up, you hit it again. Hopefully by the third time you get up. Looking over to check the time, there’s not much time left to get ready. We all have been in this situation before. It is especially hard around this time of the year to roll out of your warm bed and braze the cold air. Sometimes, we sacrifice the amount of time to get ready and have breakfast for some extra minute of sleep. However, you don’t need to sacrifice the time to put together a fashionable outfit!

It’s always important to dress our best when we are going out. Sure, the easier choice would be to go for those sweatpants and your favorite oversize hoodie, I wouldn’t blame you, but you got to dress for success right? You never know who you will bump into along the way throughout your day and you got to leave a good impression! With some simple staple clothing articles, you can put together a nice looking outfit within a few minutes! It’s as easy as counting to three, trust me!

A button-down is always a simple, classic look that will automatically make you look a little more put together. This can be in any print or design however, this Fashionisto has a denim button-down on. For bottoms, dark washed jeans or pants will always make your outfit look dressier in contrast to its sister, the light wash. Of course, it’s always a little chilly outside nowadays so this Fashionisto has a nice black jacket on him. Sure, sneakers are comfy but lace up boots are a great alternative if you want to look like you put some time in putting your outfit together. Ok, like I said there’s not much time for you to get ready and you don’t have time to fix your hair. Wearing a hat is a good way to accessorize as well as a way to hide your hair when you don’t have the time to fix or style it. That’s how you hit two birds with one stone!