WHAT TO WEAR: When the Weather Can’t Decide

One day it’s 40 degrees outside and the next it’s 80. This time of year, that could be the wide range of temperature just in one day. As it is safe to assume, it can be extremely difficult to dress for a variety of seasons in just a 24 hour span. While in the morning you may be tempted to throw on a chunky sweater for your hike to class, by the time you’re ready to come home you would rather be in a flowy blouse.

This Fashionista takes on the indecisive weather by pairing a super chic jacket (that perfectly embodies the spring essence while still keeping warm), with an all black ensemble underneath that is perfect for the winter months. You can’t possibly go wrong with a classic black mock neck top and a pair of distressed black jeans that can be a great transition piece from season to season. Let’s not forget the stellar pair of Steve Madden platinum heels she’s wearing. These add the perfect pop to any outfit. They pull the entire outfit together while still adding a cool girl twist. This combination of spring and winter pieces creates an outfit that works great for any season that you may come across in one day.

Considering the challenge for multi-season dressing, I find it best to always keep a classic jacket on hand (with maybe a little bit of a twist) like this Fashionista did so you can make a quick transition through out the day. It’s easy to throw on and off so you’re never left too chilly but you’re always prepared and, of course, always looking fabulous.