WHAT TO WEAR: Weekends in the City

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekends in the City

As the week winds down all college students are counting the days, minutes and hours until school is out for the weekend. It’s a stress-free two days where you don’t have to worry about that five-page essay you have to write or the chemistry lab that was due last week. Whether you’re staying in to watch a movie, going shopping in the city with your friends or having a night out, it’s always best to look stylish, but also to stay comfortable.

This Fashionista opted for a neutral look with a gray off-the-shoulder top from Hollister, light green maxi skirt from Forever 21 and white and gold sandals from Dolce Vita.

Although we’re known for having extremely cold weather the majority of the year in Boston, the month of September is actually very humid and hot. So even as we start to transition into fall, we still get a taste of that summer weather for a few weeks.

The humidity can be suffocating at times and make it hard to put together an outfit that will keep you cool as well as remain stylish, but if you plan ahead it’s possible to find a solution for both.

A lightweight off-the-shoulder top like the one above is perfect to keep you cool, but also to give a little flare to an outfit rather than to just opt for a plain T-shirt. The green maxi skirt, a rather popular summer trend, is great for a day to night transition because it has a breathable material that works for a day shopping with your girls, but can also be flexible enough for a night out dancing. Sandals are also great to swap out for heels because even though heels dress up an outfit, your feet will suffer when you’re walking long distances or when you’re trying to dance the night away at a party. Pain is beauty sometimes, but choose your battles wisely, as you’re still going to have to walk around campus to your classes on Monday.

I also find accessories to be so important because they can really tie an outfit together, especially when trying to dress up a more casual outfit. For this Fashionista, she chose to give her outfit an edgy vibe by adding a black lace choker (a big trend right now) from Forever 21. Also the addition of the aviator sunglasses allows for a more laid back vibe, perfect for a day walking around the city.

Obviously weekends are our favorite part of the week, but if you’re looking to transition this outfit into something to wear to class, add a simple cardigan or jean jacket and some sneakers to create a more casual vibe. Either way, put your own twist on this last chance for summer outfit and take the look out on the town in your city!

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