WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

February 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s not Friday yet, and we can’t wait any longer! We’ve been putting on our best faces all week, but we want the weekend to finally arrive so we can dress to impress! It amazes many to think about how our mood changes when the weekend arrives. We feel liberated, happy, excited and definitely RAD! This is why, when getting dressed on a Friday or Saturday, we purposely choose to wear our best looks!

This Fashionista decided to emphasize her chic style this weekend by choosing an outfit perfect for a weekend day in Boston. Isn’t her outfit perfect to stroll around Newbury Street while window shopping and spending the afternoon at the local Nespresso Boutique Bar with friends? The outfit is classy, but casual at the same time, making it perfect! Several aspects of it make it a picture-perfect weekend wear outfit.

Firstly, aren’t those black leather ankle boots the leading shoe trend this fall/winter season? Well, they are! Ankle boots are what every Fashionista this season needs to walk around their college campus with style. They match up perfectly with anything in your closet! As this Fashionista demonstrates, ankle boots go great with skirts, but also with jeans, pants, dresses and even shorts! So don’t hesitate to get a pair of these before the season is over!

People walking by this Fashionista couldn’t help themselves from staring at her beautiful tights. Even though fall is over, on winter days when it isn’t as cold, tights are always a great sartorial choice. They look feminine and chic, and definitely help give your simple look a special touch. Also, Fashionistas/os should consider experimenting with shapes on their tights, making your outfit even more remarkable and unique.

Skirts are definitely in for the season. This is a piece of clothing that will always make you feel girly and sophisticated. Besides, there are always many skirt options to choose from that can help reflect your personality. This Fashionista chose a loose wine red skirt that matched perfectly with her scarf. The wine red color of the skirt added a fabulous touch to her outfit since it is one of the colors of the fall/winter season. Always aim for maroons, wine reds, purples, blacks and dark colors for your clothing pieces during the winter season.

Evidently, this Fashionista loves Christmas and doesn’t want to believe it is over, which is totally fine! Since it is still cold and trees have no leaves, a traditional winter scarf can add to the style of this weekend wear outfit! It looked good and embellished her simple white top while keeping her from the cold.

One Simple Change: By taking away this outfit’s winter scarf, it could easily transform into a day to night outfit. The Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for a day shopping around the city, but it could also look beautiful for a dinner party after a long day walking around. It is classy for the day, but flawless for a night event!