WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

As we are well into the second semester we are itching to put our books aside and enjoy ourselves on the weekend since it is so well deserved. Admit it, up until your last class ends, you fantasize about what you’re going to do, who you’re going to see and of course what you’re going to wear! I’m the type of person who plans her outfit for something at the very start of the week, then changes it a million times—hopefully you can commiserate with me. Although I tend to constantly change my mind, there are a few go-to outfits I know I can always pull out of my closet.

This Fashionista is wearing an outfit I would definitely opt for as weekend wear. It’s a happy medium between casual and dressy, and let’s face it this Fashionista looks absolutely adorable in it. You should always have a skirt and tights on hand when it comes to pairing an outfit for a weekend. Personally, after wearing jeans and leggings every day to class I want to change it up on the weekend. You can go for a neutral toned skirt or even a printed one, the choice is yours! As for tights, this Fashionista decided to get creative and went for a pair with polka dots on them. This little quirky detail makes the outfit fun. The Fashionista decided to pair the skirt with a simple white, long sleeved top.

A classic peacoat is an essential in any wardrobe and can be thrown over almost any outfit. In addition to the peacoat keeping this Fashionista warm, she chose to top it off with a printed scarf. What would be a weekend outfit without a pair of heeled ankle boots? The Fashionista opted for the staple, black lace-up pair. When accessorizing, this Fashionista chose gold accent pieces complementing the overall look.

This outfit can be worn for anything such as a lunch date, trip to the city, or night out on the town making it the perfect weekend wear look. You can easily jazz it up and make it your own!

One Simple Change: Too cold outside? Opt for an oversized sweater that you can easily tuck into your skirt, keeping you nice and cozy!