WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The weekend is the perfect time to unwind, so if you’re wanting to be comfortable and cute at the same time, this Fashionista’s outfit inspiration has got you covered. It can seem hard to be warm, comfy and stylish all at the same time, but with a long sleeve shirt, a fashionable vest and jeans, it can be accomplished.

The best way to stay chic is definitely wearing a fur vest like this Fashionista did. It is ideal for whatever weather patterns are thrown at you throughout the day; that strong wind from a body of water, a foggy day or just a cold, snowy day. This Fashionista adds a layering effect with the gray shirt underneath the vest. The black skinny jeans add a contrast to the lighter colored long-sleeve shirt and vest. Adding the final touch to her outfit, she wears Michael Kors black leather ankle booties.

My favorite part of this outfit is the Michael Kors watch and the bracelet as well as the Fashionista’s rings and necklace. These pieces of jewelry add the extra pop of chic and really top off the outfit. This jewelry is what attracted me to the outfit because they really accent the fur vest!

One Simple Change: The jeans and booties are a great start for a stylish yet warm winter outfit, so to change up the look, swap the vest for a soft infinity scarf that will keep you just as warm as the vest. Your outfit will also stay chic and comfortable!