WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

December 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

The end of the semester has finally hit! Studying, late nights in the library and binge snacking with your roommates become an everyday occasions. However, the weekends are always reserved for those two hours of getting your mind off of all things school related. The best way to do this is to set up a day with your best friends to go out to lunch and explore the area. Haven’t been to Williamsburg? Well, there you go. Now you have a reason to visit.

The perfect weekend wear is something that will get you out of those study clothes and into something comfy-chic. The key to dressing for the weekend is to keep it simple, but to incorporate small details that amp up your look. This Fashionista is all about the details—just look at her shoes!

This turtleneck is the perfect alternative to those chunky winter jackets that make everyone look like walking marshmallows. Thankfully, the winter has been mild this year, which means a sweater like this is all you need to go out on the weekend. It is oversized and comfortable, but it still looks so put together. The pants are a great pairing because they change things up. Rather than pairing the look with black leggings, these pants dress it up a bit. It’s the perfect outfit for a Saturday stroll or a Sunday brunch. Now, let’s talk about these shoes. The color is such a great statement. Pairing neutrals and a pop of color always looks so chic. Rather than a pair of boots, these slip-ons add a funky flare.  

One Simple Change: Not only is this outfit great for weekend activities, but the look can be transformed from day to night so easily. Still keeping it comfy, add a strappy black heel or a fun colored pointy heel. This nighttime look will feel so fashionable, but without the pain of a tight bandage dress.