WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

December 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

As finals draw nearer, free time on the weekends becomes more of a rarity––so this Fashionista decided to make the most of the last Saturday of the semester she’d spend not cooped up in the library. Wisconsin, to everyone’s surprise, has faced an extremely mild December in the 40’s and 50’s, pretty much unheard of, considering the ground is usually white with snow by now. These recent temperatures have definitely kept fall trends more relevant, meaning we don’t need to dive head first into parkas and Sorel snow boots just yet.

This Fashionista took advantage of one of the last weekends of the school year, avoiding the finals week leggings and sweatshirt combo by wearing this out to brunch. She started with an olive green V-neck silk blouse paired with slightly distressed skinny jeans and added simple tan booties. Madison students can still afford to pretty much wear anything we want, as long as pants and a jacket are involved, so this Fashionista was still totally warm in this outfit, with the addition of a light coat (not pictured because, well…it’s a coat). She finished the look off with a mixture of gold and silver jewelry and a slouchy black bag.

She looks effortlessly chic and put together, but the simplicity of her outfit speaks to the ease and comfort of daytime weekend wear.

One Simple Change: The jeans and booties combo is a solid starting point for bringing a look into nighttime, so go for the top if you really want to change entire look. Swap out the more conservative blouse for a lace-up top that pretty much every store nowadays seems to sell, and you’re good to go whether hitting dinner or going out. And don’t forget to celebrate while looking your best once you’ve overcome finals, and can finally enjoy your weekends again!