WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

December 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

Finals are coming to end and so is this semester (thank God). As you pack up your apartment and head home, you must remember the upcoming events you will attend over break, as it’s essential to shop for the perfect holiday outfits. Along with the holiday season and chilly weather comes pumpkin spice lattes, Christmas trees and the ever-exciting holiday parties. This Fashionista rocked the perfect outfit for a formal holiday party with the family.

Let’s keep the color of the changing leaves in mind when shopping for the fall and winter season, like this Fashionista did. To start out, she selected a camel-colored midi skirt, a classic statement piece. She kept with the fall vibe by sticking with neutrals. For an extra edge to the outfit, she paired the skirt with a white, buckled crop top and black, lace-up booties. To tie it all together, she chose to drape a camel trench coat over her shoulders.

For a beauty look that complements the outfit, try a neutral eye and a dark lip for a pop of color and a daring look. This ensemble is not only fitting for the season, but fabulous for all the holiday pictures you’re going to take.

One Simple Change: Meeting the boyfriend’s parents for the first time? Swap out the skirt for a pair of skinny, black jeans and the crop top for a sophisticated blouse. Keep the booties to stay away from looking casual and drape the coat over your shoulders. Not only do you look chic for a first impression, you also appear stylish to the rest of his family.