WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

November 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

One of the biggest things I learned once I entered the fashion world was that men like to be just as fashionable as women. I was so used to seeing sweatpants and T-shirts, (not that there is anything wrong with being comfy) that it was such a shock to see clean cut men with dark wash jeans and tucked in, button-up dress shirts. Guys can get dressed up for numerous reasons such as going on a date or even going to an important business meeting. This Fashionisto however, was dressed for a guy’s night out.

It’s finally starting to feel like fall here in Nebraska, which means we can all finally start to wear pants and long sleeves. This Fashionisto has clearly taken advantage of the cold weather. Flannel shirts are one of the most popular items in the fall that add warmth to any outfit as well as give an effortless, dressed up look to the wearer. Decked out in a simple but colorful plaid button-up, this Fashionisto was definitely prepared for the cold fall weather. I loved that the Fashionisto paired his plaid shirt with a darker washed denim as a darker wash gives an outfit more of a sophisticated and versatile look. Finishing the outfit off, he paired his skinny jeans with a pair of distressed, low brown boots that make the whole outfit come together. Low cut boots are one of the best staples to have during the fall and this Fashionisto paired his with this ensemble perfectly for his guy’s night out.

One Simple Change: To dress this look up even more, grab a brown or blue suit jacket to make this a business casual look. I love pairing corduroy and plaid together and a brown jacket is the perfect pairing with this Fashionisto’s outfit.