WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

For Bostonians, this September has proven to be unusually humid, or an Indian summer as some people call it, meaning some adjustments need to be made to our wardrobes. It’s that awkward in-between weather that’s not quite fall yet, but definitely isn’t summer anymore, making your outfit decisions in the mornings that much harder!

To rectify this conundrum, this Fashionisto added to his outfit a lightweight sweatshirt that works to defend against the chill, but doesn’t leave his body overheated. He paired it with a basic long sleeve shirt that isn’t too tight on the arms, so he can roll his sleeves up if it gets too warm. It’s all about versatility! What makes this outfit a great weekend look, however, are the relaxed jeans. Those in the working world know how tiring it can be to put on a suit and tie for the Monday-Friday nine to five grind, so throwing on your favorite pair of jeans can be a great reminder that it’s time for some me-time. These jeans are form-fitting (but not too tight!) and allow for easy movement for some weekend activities! The deep green color of his shirt is also a nice transition into fall colors.

One Simple Change: This comfortable outfit can be worn for a multitude of occasions, but if you’re looking to impress the ladies (or gents!), just switch out the jeans for some nice khakis and this look can easily be converted into a nice date night outfit.