WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

October 19th, 2015 at 2:00am

So now that the fall semester is in full swing, college students everywhere are super busy. From classes, to homework, hanging out with friends and running around all over campus, the weekdays can get hectic and we can sometimes wind up looking like royal hot messes. I know by the end of the day, I’ve taken all my jewelry off because I can’t manage to fuss with it anymore, changed from heels to flats because my feet hurt and have stopped re-applying my lipstick because I’m too lazy and chapstick is easier.

The weekend is the time where college students get to relax, take a break from the fast life, sleep in, have a little fun and catch up on any homework. I know I like look cute when I hang out with my friends, go out to eat and even when I am in the fashion studio catching up on work. Fashion school is like a 24-hour runway! With that being said, I know I always like to peek at what people are wearing.

This Fashionista is very into street wear and rocks that look outside of the Design Center after a productive Saturday morning of catching up on school work. Her black, faux leather shorts compliment the urban vibes of Brooklyn, while the floral motif on them adds a touch of femininity. Her top has a three-fourth inch sleeve and the top is extremely comfortable. Although her booties are high, the thick heel makes them very walkable and easy to wear. The knee-high socks also keep her legs warm on chilly, fall days!

One Simple Change: All done with your work for the day and ready to hit up the club with your friends? Simply switch the jersey-style top out for a blouse. This will instantly dress up the look and make it more fancy!