WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Weekends in Tampa are like mini vacations. People can go to the beach, explore the downtown area, visit theme parks, etc. That is until dark clouds and rain drain your energy leaving you with Netflix as your only source of fun. However, even on the gloomiest of days in the Sunshine State, this Fashionista dressed in vibrant, radiant colors.

This Fashionista is the sunshine that was much needed this weekend. First and foremost, I think her beautiful hair deserves a round of applause because it could definitely withstand a thunderstorm. Her dress is definitely attention grabbing, flattering and is an appropriate length. Also, it requires minimal accessories! Over-accessorizing an outfit that already has a lot of patterns and colors can be distracting. However, this Fashionista did add even more pops of color by perfectly polishing her fingernails and toenails. Can this Fashionista be anymore colorful? The answer is yes! Her beaded sandals match with just about anything! Multi-colored shoes and accessories are great to have in your wardrobe because they can transform a single-colored outfit into something fun and exciting. I mean, those are two words that can describe an ideal weekend, right?

Overall, this Fashionista is dressed like she has some exciting plans this weekend, and I hope I’m invited to wherever she is going.

One Simple Change: Going somewhere formal? Whether you’re going to a wedding, tea party or anywhere else that requires a little bit of class, slip on a pair of black kitten heels for a more mature look.