WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

September 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

The weekend is the time to let go of yourself and any stress that occurred during the week. Most importantly, you let go of what he said or she said and focus on the beautiful weather, what you are doing for the weekend and what outfit you will wear. Fashion isn’t about following the latest trends. It is what you feel confident in.

This Fashionisto had plans this weekend to take a stroll in the park, and he is wearing the most comfortable pair of shoes he owned. He wore a tan pair of shoes along with a black pair of khakis and a striped green and white dress shirt. He mentioned that after his weekend stroll in the park, he would even take his girl out on a date. His weekend outfit was perfect for the park in the daytime as well as the fancy dinner he was treating his girl out to at night. It’s all about comfort and confidence.

His charismatic, genuine nature is reflected through each and every picture. Clothes and accessories speak volumes about who you are, but his expressions spoke through who he was more. Dress shirts are his staple pieces to own, and his closet is filled with dress shirts. He has every design and pattern you can possibly imagine.

One Simple Change: Attending a date after your stroll in the park and don’t know what to wear? You can switch out the black khakis for a pair of fitted black dress pants. Make sure to tuck in the shirt and wear a statement belt along with a pair of black leather shoes for a more structured evening look.