WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

A day in the city is bound to be long and eventful. Therefore, the best way to take on your day is to be prepared for whatever may come your way. One way to achieve that is by dressing the part. This Fashionista was spotted in SoHo, New York, one of the most popular places to shop in boutiques with trendy, urban fashion. These summer days have been blazing hot, so her cropped top, airy pants and sandals all aid in combatting the heat.

Her outfit was stylish yet practical enough for her to impress the other fashionable people in the area and still handle walking around. This outfit is so stylish by the monochromatic theme and the pop of color she was able to incorporate. Her white cropped top made her look casual. On the other hand, her simple silver collar necklace and trendy, silver hanging clutch give an awesome icy effect. Whereas her khaki pants, snake print sandals and neon yellow nail polish add the much-needed color so she doesn’t get washed out.

One Simple Change: This outfit is great for getting through a day where you’re bound to end up in different settings. However, one way to have this outfit transition into a different look that is more appropriate for a girl’s night out would be to switch out the sandals for silver strappy heels. By doing this, the outfit now embraces the fully monochromatic look and is appropriate for a night of fun. The cropped top and pants still give the same effect as they did for weekend wear, but now they are fun and are free enough to dance and have fun all night long!