WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

In many countries, Monday marks the start of a new week, but for some cultures, Sunday is actually the first day. I feel that in America, Sundays are a combination of these two facts because many people spend this day preparing for the rest of the week or enjoying the last hours of it.

This Fashionista did an amazing job at figuring out an outfit that works perfectly for any kind of activity that you could possibly do on a Sunday. She chose to wear a casual and comfortable outfit. She wore a navy blue, sleeveless T-shirt with open sides, which she paired with white jeans and a pair of flat sandals. T-shirts and jeans are extremely necessary in our wardrobes because they are very easy to combine, especially when you are in a rush. They go perfectly with any kind of style, from preppy to edgy. Sandals are another piece that everyone should have. They are cozy to wear, particularly if you are running errands or walking around the city.

For accessories, she used a red Gucci cross-body bag and a pair of round, silver earrings. The size of bag is simply the ideal one because it is very easy to carry. Also, the contrast between red, blue and white is fantastic. Finally, to make the outfit even more chic, this Fashionista made two smart decisions. First, she used a lace bralette under the T-shirt and secondly, she rolled up her jeans.

One Simple Change: Because Sunday could also mean an invitation to eat brunch with your friends or the guy that you like, try swapping the T-shirt for a blouse, like this H&M one, and if you want something a little bit more fancy, switch from sandals to wedges. These Steve Madden ones would work well, and then you are ready! Don’t forget that your best accessory is your smile.