WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The end of the summer is approaching, but the heat in New Jersey has not gone anywhere. It has been so hot lately that unless you are lucky enough to have a pool, you have to wear the least amount of clothing that you can. This Fashionista has the right idea with a light and airy dress.

From running errands, grabbing some lunch or even just hanging out with friends on the weekend, this look works for all. This dress has a classic pattern on it and she spices it up with a strappy bralette. A bralette can add so much to a look and in this case it adds a hint of an edge. It is more structured and geometric than the flowing dress, but they go very nice together. Staying with the strappy theme she has on a pair of comfortable sandals that tie in with the rest of the look. To finish things off, our Fashionista has her hair wrapped into a fishtail braid. Braids are becoming trendier as there are so many different types of braids and they all look cute. She keeps her braid swept to the side so that it isn’t in her face and falling down her back all day, keeping her that little bit cooler.

One Simple Change: This is a look that can be tweaked and worn for all different kinds of occasions. Want to wear this to class? Why not? Go for it just like this or you can make a few changes. I would recommend throwing on a light sweater because who knows what the temperature could be like in a classroom. Also, swap out the sandals for a pair of crisp white Converse to make the overall look a little bit more casual.