WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Summer weekend wear is such a useful type of clothing to embrace our personal style without any pushbacks, allowing us to break the rules and to make remarkable fashion statements. This weekend you can rock the streets, like this Fashionista, with comfortable and colorful (almost color-blocking) summer clothes. To all of those fashion beginners, color-blocking is a method that consists of wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit. While color-blocking applies more to solid colors of different palettes, this look still manages to include this trend. The Fashionista seems confident and decisive, and these are a few of the staggering qualities that are given to us by creating the right look—this applies to each and every trend/style.

Moreso, while this look manages to include color-blocking, it superbly summarizes summer comfortable trends, making it a perfect outfit to wear this weekend. The weekend is a great invention that helps us to relax and to stop thinking about school or our responsibilities for a second. Therefore, this occasion lets us “chill” and be completely able to dress as we prefer. I truly believe that one of the best things about weekend wear is that it provides freedom. This element is one of the most important in order to showcase our personal style. Without freedom, we’d be forced to make other kinds of statements that simply won’t mix with our personalities. As discussed several articles ago, outfits for class have to include essential characteristics in order for them to work and in order for us to reach academic goals, such as simplicity and practicality. However, in weekend wear, simplicity and practicality aren’t necessarily the only elements to take into account. With the freedom that weekends provide, we can create all sorts of looks, from black and white minimal edgy outfits, to extravagant colorful looks along with heirloom-inspired jewelry. The combination that this Fashionista offers is quite unique because it is infused with colorful and edgy pieces, cuing comfort and succinctness.

The element in the Fashionista’s look that visually strikes in the whole look is the pair of colorful Aztec print shorts, which are carefully matching the fuchsia top. This is something that gives consistency throughout the look; both the top and the shorts share a similar color palette. Due to the Fashionista’s preference for denim, she wore a denim vest, which is perfect for hot weather and for maintaining a timeless and popular fashion trend. Finally, she decided to throw in those white Converse sneakers, which attract attention by highlighting the outfit essentials.

One Simple Change: Liked this daring look but want to wear it for a rather serious occasion like attending a class? Switch those colorful Aztec print shorts for any type of darker shade boyfriend jeans; you’ll be back to school in just a second in a full denim look!