WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

During the week, we go to work, school and meetings that cause us to look forward to the weekend. We have all come to recognize the weekend as the beacon at the end of the tunnel that awaits our arrival to a wonderful break from our hectic lives. To me, the weekend is a time to impress when others believe it is a time to relax at home in some comfy shorts and a T-shirt. Yes, of course the weekend is a great time to relax! But it is also a time to hit the town and turn it upside down!

The weekend can be used to meet up with friends and visit that restaurant everyone has been talking about or even to go out and visit your favorite spots around town. Your outfit can reflect your personality and also make people take a second look to decide where to find a similar piece you are wearing.

This Fashionista’s outfit caught my attention by looking as though she had just began a new day in the big city! The blue on blue jean denim aspect is something I find striking and appealing that definitely makes a statement in an outfit. And by adding her black leather jacket, she really added an extra touch of boldness to the outfit. The lightness of her blue button-up brightened up the outfit to give some color that was not too much for her style. The addition of her brown cross-body bag included another bold concept of mixing different colors of leather that I honestly found to complement each other quite nicely.

One Simple Change: To turn this look into a great outfit for a date night you should trade the Vans shoes for a pair of nude or black heels that can cause this look to also change from a masculine to a more feminine look. Another thing to do to make a perfect date night outfit would be to add a statement necklace.