WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The boys. The boys. The boys. Let’s hear it for the boys! They are the ones who are sometimes our shoulder to cry on, our best friend and our partner in crime. They deserve the spotlight when it comes to fashion! Women aren’t the only ones taking over campus grounds and street style sightings. Slowly but surely, men are catching up to the fashion revolution. Personally, I love it when a guy knows how to put an outfit together and rock it. Boys should know they have a better shot at standing out from other fellows since many others don’t seem to show an interest in what they wear. Plus menswear seems to be killing it lately and who wouldn’t want to wear those awesome pieces? I’d be first in line.

Today’s Fashionisto knows how to bring cool and casual into a perfect mix. You don’t need to try extra hard to look cool. For the boys who like to feel relaxed and ready for the weekend, it is time to take some notes. Do you have your paper and pen ready? Lately longline silky basic tops have entered many boys’ lives. They have become extremely popular, and I think it has to do with the fact that they are comfortable, lightweight, simple and easy to work with. If you like to keep it minimalistic, consider trying a top like the one this Fashionisto is wearing. It’ll be an easy to wear item and you’ll still look stylish. It will also give you the opportunity to add details like this Fashionisto did. Adding a baseball cap and a simple necklace helps your look be more fun!

Now, though many guys deter from a skinny jean, places like Topman have brought out a skinny fit bleach wash jean that’s comfortable, flattering and eye-catching. This Fashionisto’s skinny jeans have the cool distressed detail going on, which keeps it interesting. The girls have the boyfriend jeans, but the guys can also get the distressed look. Both genders can happily rock it out together.

We all know weekends can be eventful and fast paced, so what better way than to save your feet from a terrible pain than with an awesome pair of sneakers? Sneakers are the new must-have. They are inundating everyone’s closets and feet as we speak. Nothing is worse than feeling uncomfortable when trying to just enjoy yourself. So like this Fashionisto did, try out a pair of New Balance sneakers. They are comfy, seriously versatile and stylish.

Your weekend will be one stylish memory.

One Simple Change: Have a date later on at night? Layer it up with a cool black bomber jacket. You’ll go from casual to dressy in a matter of seconds! You’re welcome.