WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

I escaped the concrete jungle for a weekend in Ocean City, Maryland. NYC is my home; I thrive in the humidity, the cobblestone streets and the one dollar slices of pizza. Whenever I am away for more than a few days, my heart starts to ache and I wonder why I don’t hear bottles breaking and the garbage truck piling down the street at four in the morning. However, sometimes I need a breather. Between the pollution, the chaotic traffic and not to mention the amount of people everywhere all the time, no slice of pizza could get me through that for the rest of eternity.

Ocean City is quite the opposite of Manhattan, which made me feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz when I arrived in black pants, black booties and a paleness that only Casper the Friendly Ghost would understand. Thankfully, I ran into another Manhattanite that showed me the ropes on how to blend into this crowd while still not forgetting our home.

For a weekend spent down at the beach, white shorts are a must. Neutral and comfortable, they will also show off the killer tan you have been working on since you have gotten to the shore. Even if you are resembling Edward Cullen at this point, don’t worry, because white shorts can do magic, even for sparkly skin.

Keep your shoes simple. This Fashionista showed off her tan legs in some standard flip flops. These are perfect for chilling beachside, since you don’t have to worry if they get wet or get sandy.

Add a pop of color, since it still is summer and this isn’t Manhattan and colors other than black, black and black are totally acceptable. A coral top with eyelet pattern screams summer while not overcrowding the white shorts and letting your ocean locks and glowing tan have the spotlight. From brunching to beaching, this Fashionista is ready for what Ocean City has to offer.

One Simple Change: Headed back home sooner than expected? Switch your colorful top for a basic gray or black T-shirt. Blend into skyscrapers once again from the comfort of your favorite T-shirt.