WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

When I think of the weekend, I think of freedom. Freedom to not have any alarm set if not necessary, freedom to dance the night away and spend endless hours doing anything you want to do. Weekends are there to let yourself celebrate the successes of the week. The best way to have fun is to allow yourself to feel completely confident and comfortable. Step one is to have clothes on you that make you feel just that.

The Fashionisto I captured in today’s look sported a soft brown T-shirt, paired with light wash distressed jeans and taupe leather boots. Basically, a very simple outfit when you dissect the pieces. The key to making a simple outfit yours is by combining staple pieces that each have a personality to them. Whether it’s a couple rips, acid stains or colors that speak to you. So be free to be you.

One Simple Change: The summer free time lets us discover new bands at festivals and finally lets us get our hands on awaited tickets to see our favorite artists. Most weekends seem to host impressive concerts and music festivals. If your weekend wear needs a transformation for a last minute concert look, all you have to do is add a classic leather jacket. Leather jackets will keep you warm once the sun goes down and they not only are they purposeful, but also they can add some grunge to your look immediately. If you live in a warmer climate and a leather jacket will end your night in a pool of sweat, opt for a soft fabric button-down that complements the color of your shirt. If your button-down has long sleeves you can tie it around your waist when you begin to feel warmer than desired. Have it unbuttoned over your shirt for a laid-back feel, and let your self unwind to the music.