WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

During the summertime, many of us college kids have a hectic schedule during the week since a great deal of us work. When the weekend rolls around, we can’t wait to relax and hang with friends. Along with having some fun, we have to be responsible and run some errands, like going to the grocery store, going to an appointment or stopping by the local mall. While doing all these events, looking presentable while staying comfortable is a must. Putting on a T-shirt with cargo shorts and Nike gym shoes is the perfect ensemble for any event that may come your way.

This Fashionisto is wearing a few key staple pieces in every man’s wardrobe, such as a V-neck T-shirt that will never go out of style. The shirt is lightweight and easy to throw on for any summer outfit. He paired this shirt with cargo shorts, giving this attire a preppy look. He also added a pop of color with his Nike blue gym shoes. Wearing gym shoes is a comfortable choice that is perfect for many occasions. Lastly, he added Nike socks, which gives this outfit a more casual vibe. However, it also adds a stylish, trendy look.

One Simple Change: Headed to a celebration this summer such as a graduation party, a family dinner or a friend’s party? Switch the T-shirt with a classic button-down, making your ensemble a little bit dressier. I would recommend wearing a light color such as white or light blue during the summertime since dark colors absorb more heat, which will make you feel hot.