WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

With a busy nine-to-five weekday summer work schedule, the weekend comes in due time. If your work week is anything like mine, maybe your weekends compare to the bookends situated on my mom’s coffee table; the more books she adds, the smaller the once bulky objects appear. I, therefore, have an increasingly busier weekend due to the lack of free time during the week. I find myself running around and desperately in need of a go-to outfit to help me achieve anything from mediocre errands to lunch dates with friends.

This week’s Fashionista shows how easily a pair of pre-torn jeans can take you from distressed to weekend’s best dressed. Jeans come in a variety of styles and washes, allowing room for you to pick which one suits your hectic weekend lifestyle. With a fit meant to last the day, jeans help aid the feasibility you’re probably aiming for. And not to mention, depending on the pair of jeans you choose, they’re only a shirt, shoe and accessory choice away from being day to night ready.

Paired with a soft shade of green, our Fashionista satisfies any weekend warrior’s desire to play it low-key, while keeping it up-scale. Color tones can remain fun, bright and playful, or calm, cool and collected. After an overwhelming week, it might appear more appealing to keep the color pallet more neutral, similar to this week’s Fashionista.

A sleeveless shirt with an open back helps to keep things cool, as your choice in pants heats things up. A selection of simple sandals and modest jewelry helps to bring the look together, while not grabbing too much attention.

Don’t forget, the weekend may be a time of relaxation, even for your wardrobe, but remaining fashionable doesn’t have to take a back seat. See what pieces you have in your closet to set aside as go-to weekend wear.

One Simple Change: Heading from errands to a dinner and concert with friends? Simple—adapt the footwear. Try a shoe with a bit of a heel, giving yourself a foot above the rest of your fashionable friends.