WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

August 5th, 2015 at 2:10am

In Shanghai, a modern city in northern China, the weather is not always the most predictable. When you are about to leave, it probably looks deceivingly warm and sunny, but you will soon discover that it is actually really breezy and rainy, vice versa. The point is, you never really know. Shanghainese people have learnt to not completely trust the weather forecast, and just dress to be weatherproof.

This Fashionista is originally from India, but has lived almost her entire life in Shanghai, so she knows how the weather here can be capricious—layering is our best friend. She wore a denim button-up over a lace-decorated white tank top with a basic black skater skirt. For convenience she brought a brown purse, not to mention a cute little bottle of hand sanitizer keychain, and wore leathered flip flops.

If you are out for the weekend, you never really know what your friends will end up wanting to do or where they want to go, so you better be prepared! This is a perfect weekend outfit because she neither looks underdressed nor overdressed. Plus she can always take off that denim button-up for a more sophisticated and formal look. Her outfit is put together by items that most girls have; that simple skirt and that nice tank top is sitting in your wardrobe right now! Layer them, mix them, and match them for the perfect weekend wear.

One Simple Change: Instead of wearing a denim button-up and flip flops, try wearing an oversized cardigan and boots with this outfit—now you are ready for the cold weather.