WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The weekend. The one thing that’s on the mind of almost anyone during a bogged down work week. Whether it be a date, dinner with your girlfriends or just enjoying the absolute perfect weather, the coveted three days are something to plan for.

To break away from your nine to five workwear, take note from these Fashionistos. Both embraced a preppier style by incorporating pastels, boat shoes and accessories that coordinate with their looks. One Fashionisto focused on layering. The subdued tones, though complementary, are not overwhelming when paired with chino shorts. The embroidery adds an interesting twist to the classic cut and color. With a more minimal approach, the other Fashionisto opted for a cooler toned attire. The simple polo and and khaki shorts are a timeless combination. Ray-Bans paired with sunglass straps add a little functional flair to the look as well.

Now, for the ladies. The rising temperatures mean dresses are the perfect solution to your weekend wear woes. Opt for an A-line silhouette in lighter shades to venture into a preppier realm. Add a statement necklace and swipe of lipstick to accessorize and you’re ready for anything the weekend has in store for you.

Anyone can dress in tailored pieces and wear pastels. The tricky part is making the look yours. To add your own sense of style, mix in elements that offsets your attire whether is be an eye-catching watch, pattern or color.

One Simple Change: If it’s Sunday night and you’re trying to think of something to wear for your internship the next day, there’s a few things you can do.  Swap out chino shorts for pants. On top, add a navy blazer. These two additions with a button-down still encompasses the preppy elements of the outfit while adding a little professionalism, which I’m sure your boss will love.