WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

If you have ever worked retail, you know the drill. You work weekends, and comfort and style go hand in hand. From running around and picking out the perfect outfit for your customers, to cramming food into your mouth within your 15 minute lunch break, your fast-paced day seems endless. This goes for any job for college students obtained in the summer months. Mobility and style go hand and hand, and this outfit is no exception. Not to mention trying to stay professional in this humid Kansas heat. This outfit can be described as the desirable multitasking outfit, ready to go for any occasion.

This outfit not only works for those long retail days, but also running errands around town. From grocery store shopping to picking up dry cleaning, the activities are endless. The dark wash jeans help create contrast and allow for freedom of mobility, something that is not an advantage of wearing a skirt. The pink color of the crop top pops out, and the large daisy on the shirt gives the outfit some edge by not having the outfit focused entirely on solid colors. The flat sandals exude functionality, giving the wearer the ability to move around freely and not worry about falling in heels. The sandals also provide hints of neutral style. The teal drop earrings really round out the outfit, complementing the bold color of the top. The Texas state necklace is a physical reminder of her home state, never letting her forget where her roots are firmly planted.

One Simple Change: Replace the jeans with some workout leggings to take you from your hectic workday or errand run to the calming tranquil presence of a yoga session at your favorite gym.