WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

July 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

All of my posts thus far have been about the extremely stylish ladies that inhabit Roger Williams University. This post is geared toward all of the fabulous Fashionistos out there and how to make casual look super cool for summer.

My simple yet chic analog for a successful outfit that catches my eye applies not only to women but to the men I see on campus as well. This Fashionisto embodied a casual and cool look for summer but still had an extra something. I am all about casual and relaxed, but I still like to maintain a certain sharpness to an outfit. As I was taking a stroll around my beautiful campus, I came across this Fashionisto who was rocking a great look for summer relaxation on the weekends.

Let’s discuss those swim trunks first. Swim trunks do not have to be boring and uninspiring! These swim trunks have great colors that demand attention from anyone who sees it. They are also great to wear during the summer for men because when paired with the appropriate shirt they pass as shorts, making hanging out on the weekend with friends or running around town that much easier. Who doesn’t like low maintenance? I also really liked how he paired a red graphic tank top with the blue swim trunks. I never expected those colors to go together so seamlessly, but it actually makes the outfit pop even more. What is great about this particular tank top is that it is a Roger Williams University shirt so while looking stylish, this Fashionisto is rocking some school spirit. A graphic tank top is key to any summer wardrobe because they can be really fun and versatile. You can wear the tank top as-is or pair it with a cardigan, sweater, vest or jacket. It is always better to have options when putting together an outfit. If a graphic tank top is not for you but you still want some personality to your tank top, go ahead and try one that is patterned.

To pull his laid back and simplistic look together, this Fashionisto opted for some shades, flip flops, rubber bracelets and a sporty watch. You simply cannot go wrong with a weekend look like this!

One Simple Change: Fellas, turn this look up a couple of degrees for a low key date night with a special gal or guy! Instead of swim trunks, switch into a pair of dark wash jeans. Dark wash jeans look great on anyone, go with everything and up your jean game infinitely. Feel free to add a lightweight jacket if it gets cooler at night.