WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Most people count down the weekdays until Friday in anticipation for fun and excitement over the weekend such as going out with friends or family. I count down the days to the weekend in anticipation to wear a new outfit out with friends!

This Fashionisto shows us which outfit he’s chosen to wear on a weekend night out and about with the boys. He keeps his look fairly casual and layered, making it easy to switch out layers as temperatures from day to night change.

This blue button-down is a perfect layering option for weekend wear as it can not only act as an aid in temperature change but also as an occasion changer. Turning the night out at a baseball game to a night out for drinks? Slip on this button-down shirt, and you’ve got a versatile and trendy change! Pairing a simple shirt with a pair of black jeans gives the outfit a classic yet dressed up appearance that is perfect for a night out on the weekend.

If you’re having an unplanned weekend evening out with the friends and chances are you might end up walking about, a comfortable and reliable pair of shoes are key in your outfit! This Fashionisto has opted for a neutral-coloured dressed up sneaker that can be worn with any patterned or coloured outfits. Cap off the outfit with your signature watch and plain shirt, and you’re ready to get your weekend started!

One Simple Change: If you live in a really muggy climate and jeans are just not an option for you in July, try a pair of chino shorts to make your outfit more summer weather friendly!