WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

There’s nothing better than breaking out your comfortable summer clothes for a relaxing weekend in town. In this hot and humid weather, I definitely recommend something loose and light for maximum comfort and ultimate style. While I’ve never been much of a dress-wearing girl, it’s all I feel like wearing this season. I’ve found that they are the perfect way to embrace this summer’s trendy prints and silhouettes while remaining practical in the summer heat.

This Fashionista has done just that in a draped paisley dress. The varied hues of blue look fantastic against her tanned skin, and the dress is the perfect length to show off her Pali Hawaii sandals. I also love the way this Fashionista layered her jewelry. This trend has been extremely popular lately, especially with the comeback of the choker necklace. The contrast between the tight choker necklace and the longer strands looks amazing and the Fashionista’s vintage key pendant provides a very nice touch to the outfit. Lastly, I would kill for this Fashionista’s naturally highlighted blonde hair, styled in a very on-point, high pony. Perfectly centered, her tresses both enhance and heighten her bone structure.

Reviewing the Fashionista’s overall look, I couldn’t be more pleased with the ensemble. This free-spirited style is something I definitely look forward to emulating and hope my fellow Fashionistas will do the same.

One Simple Change: Though I think this outfit is absolute perfection, you can never ruin your look with a few added layers. For a casual dinner out, pair your dress with a cropped jean jacket. A little distressed denim will carry out the bohemian style while keeping you warm on a chilly evening.