WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

This Fashionista is mimicking looks right off the runway with her printed snakeskin romper and Nike slip-on sandals. She looks very bold and confident and perfects the chic yet summery feel of summer fashion.

Sporty chic is definitely a trendy look right now. Pairing Nike tennis shoes with casual shorts or adding baseball caps to otherwise neutral ensembles is very in style. This Fashionista did just that by pairing Nike sandals to her romper. These sandals could almost pass as dorm shower shoes, but this Fashionista has turned them into something sporty and cute to make her look a little more carefree and athletic.

This Fashionista wears little accessories, but that’s because she doesn’t need them. The print of her romper is accessory enough and pairing it with simple black Nike slip-on shoes and a black kate spade purse is really all she needs. This brings the focus of her outfit on to her romper and takes attention away from her accessories, hair and makeup.

The reason this ensemble is so fantastic is because it’s extremely comfortable yet practical. This Fashionista may be directly copying runway sporty chic looks, however the time and effort required to put-together this outfit is relatively minimal. All this Fashionista had to do to get ready this morning was throw on an extremely comfortable one piece patterned romper and add a purse and shoes. This kind of ease to creating outfits is perfect for summer when you may start to get lazy about coming up with something trendy to wear. Rompers are the perfect balance between comfortable and cute, and an excellent solution if you’re struggling coming up with something cute to wear.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista wanted to continue this look day to night, she could add a touch of color to her makeup and consider doing some fun nails to complete the look. Painting her nails a blue to match her romper with maybe some sparkles could be the perfect addition and add a subtle accessory where little accessorizing is needed.