WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

July 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

For Sunday strolls or “Casual Friday” at your internship, it’s okay to be basic. Weekends are your brief relaxation period calling to dress up, dress down, then back up again. When you’re not sipping an espresso at your favorite coffee joint in the village, catching up with a friend or shopping the latest trends on the cobble stone streets of SoHo, my motto is, “keep it basic.” Basics shift from Fashionista to Fashionista. Personally, mine include my favorite five dollar thrift shop flannel and over-worn sunnies. Keeping it basic is also keeping it comfy. No need for your vibrant booties and elaborate jumpsuit if the situation doesn’t call for it. This Fashionista kept it basic with her favorite sandals and her new T-shirt she scored on the sale rack.

I stopped this city slicker while she was on her way to the market. When I asked about her outfit, she explained to me how she likes to keep it simple whenever possible. She raved about her T-shirt due to the sale she found it on, and stated it was her new must-have. She paired her top with a black skinny jean for comfort and practicality. Finally, her favorite basic item was her sandals. Valued pieces from your closet, much like these, become special to a Fashionista because whatever the situation, they want to incorporate it.

Elaborate and flashy outfits are awesome—they’re what truly makes us Fashionistas and our own Style Gurus. When constructing an outfit sometimes you must focus on comfort, not complication. A basic T-shirt or a well broken in sandal can transform when taken off the rack and onto the street with a few adjustments and tweaks.

One Simple Change: Take your Sunday outfit from outside to the office for your internship. A simple baseball T-shirt with a cool print can go savvy to chic if needed. A casual Friday look could have easily been transformed with a sleek flat and blazer.