WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

July 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s one of those weekends where you have to go grocery shopping, go to an appointment and then stop by a family party that night before going out with friends. When you’re this busy, it’s difficult to find the perfect outfit for doing so many different things, especially since the day may bring circumstances you couldn’t see coming.

This Fashionisto is ready for whatever the day throws at him. When running all those errands during the day, these shoes are the perfect pick. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also in a super bright color that keeps the outfit exciting. They come in a great pop of color that makes you stand out, but doesn’t look overdone when paired with the pants and sweatshirt.

Speaking of the pants, I’m in love with this color! I definitely had a phase when I was obsessed with this color (maybe I still am…). The way this pair of pants is worn is definitely pleasing to the eye. Since the sweatshirt is gray and neutral, the pants and the shoes are great finishing touches. The neutrality of the sweatshirt keeps the whole ensemble from being too in-your-face. The diagonal detail on this top though keeps it from looking like it’s a cheap five dollar sweatshirt. The accessories added to this outfit go perfectly. These sunglasses are not only fashionable, but will also shade your eyes from the sun when you’re driving from place to place. The watch gives the outfit a bit more classiness and detail.

One Simple Change: Switch out the sweatshirt for a super deep, white, V-neck T-shirt, but keep the same shoes and pants on. It’s a better alternative for when it gets too hot outside and you want to travel to a different city for the day and explore.