WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Even during the summer, we’re all still working for the weekend and the cute outfits you can plan for it. But I can’t be alone in struggling to put together a look that will transition seamlessly from brunch to shopping to a night out or wherever your day may lead. Finding the balance between style and enough comfort to last for a full day out is tough, but this Fashionista hit it right on the mark. I spotted this super stylish Fashionista while out shopping in Beverly Hills, and needless to say she fit right in! But this feminine and flowy look would be perfect for not only shopping, but also a fancy dinner out, a night out with friends or even an outdoor concert.

I think this Fashionista’s dress makes the look, and is what first caught my eye walking around. The soft, neutral colors are chic and perfect for more subtle summer looks. The peter pan collar is adorable and is a little bit of an unexpected twist with the super loose and billowy fabric of the dress. The Chanel flats this Fashionista paired with it are the perfect metallic gold accent and look super comfy for walking around town. Flats like these are perfect for when you want to skip the heels, but still look stylish on a night out or on a date. And of course we can’t skip the pièce de résistance of this look: the Birkin bag. This classic bag is the perfect addition to any look, but if it’s not quite in your budget here’s a great alternative! This Fashionista’s black version complements her neutral outfit while providing plenty room for anything you might need while away from home for the day.

This Fashionista’s sunglasses are completely on-trend right now; I’m looking or a pair right now! She kept it simple with accessories and continued the neutral trend with some drop earrings like these from Forever 21. Her hair and makeup are also simple but perfect for sprucing up later with some makeup stashed in your bag if you hit the town or meet up for a date. This Fashionista is ready for whatever the weekend throws at her and will look the best while she’s at it!

One Simple Change: Want to kick this look up a notch and wear it to a formal event? Just slip on some neutral pointed toe heels and let your hair hang loose for the perfect upgrade.