WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The weekends are what we live for! Spending time with friends, shopping at the outlets and going out to lunch with significant others are all weekend activities that Fashionistos and Fashionistas enjoy! Choosing the perfect outfit is my favorite thing to do and makes me feel confident in anything that I have planned for the day.

This Fashionisto has killer style. He is rocking dark denim jeans, a classic white V-neck shirt and leather boots. The lace-up leather boots are the best part of this outfit. By rolling up the bottoms of the jeans to create a cuff, the boots instantly become the focal point of the look. I love this outfit because it is easy to copy but still super stylish and trendy. Even if you choose to wear light wash denim jeans you would still have a casual and put-together look for your weekend occasion. The T-shirt could also be any color that you choose, however neutrals are always in style and will go with the dark brown boots. The Ray-Ban sunglasses that hang casually off of his T-shirt are the perfect accessory. If you are ever looking for a way to add an extra accessory to your look, throw on a pair of sunglasses. You can even put them on top of your head or hang them from your shirt and they are instantly a part of your outfit.

Combining all of the style choices of this look makes this Fashionisto ready to hit the town. Weekend wear needs to be casual and comfortable but still remain fashionable. This outfit seals the deal.

One Simple Change: This Fashionisto was spotted shopping at the mall in this awesome look. Going to a concert later that same night? Throw on a black or brown leather jacket and head out the door!