WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

As June finally begins to come to an end, it seems as if the days have only been getting hotter. With many of us spending the majority of the week cooped up in our workplaces, the weekend has been a sanctuary for most of us to get outside, stretch our legs and try to beat the heat in style. Although the question of what to wear on the weekend is something many Fashionistas/os have long coveted the answer to, it is safe to say that when the sun is out, overalls are in.

Wearing overalls is a trend that seems to continuously beat the test of time, which is why they are the perfect garment for a weekend look. This Fashionista made a stylistic choice to wear her denim overall shorts with only one strap linked, making a slight nod to the ’90s fashion era where overalls could be seen as a popular fashion choice for Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike. The denim overalls are paired with a red and white striped crop top that allows this Fashionista to keep cool while looking the part.

Continuing on with another trend that has decades of notoriety in the fashion scene to boot, the outfit is paired with black Converse sneakers, assuring that whatever this Fashionista’s weekend plans may be, they will be executed in comfort and style. The final addition to the outfit is a snapback hat that provides a bit of practicality in its ability to block the sun from the eyes, but also makes this weekend outfit a complete head to toe look.

One Simple Change: Overalls are fashionable year-round, but shorts may not always be the right choice when the seasons change. Channel your inner ’90s even more by wearing a pair of long overalls instead—two straps optional.