WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

You know that “cheers to the freakin’ weekend” feeling you get on Friday evenings? Whether you’re wrapping up that final business meeting at work or taking down that last note in summer school, everybody experiences that same indescribable moment when they come to the realization that the weekend is here. You might even be that person secretly humming the popular Rihanna song in your head! And, what better way to add to the excitement of that glorious moment than to shed off those working clothes, and throw on some celebratory garb? Because, let’s be honest, it never truly feels like the weekend until you’ve changed into the appropriate weekend ensemble.

Whether you plan to go out or not, one thing to always keep in mind when deciding on your weekend ensemble is comfort-level! Now, by no means does comfortable weekend wear require sweatpants and a baggy T-shirt (unless you’ve planned a night of binge watching Netflix in bed—no judgment here.)  However, the point of the weekend is to let loose and enjoy yourself, and if you’re not comfortable, you most likely will not be able to do that. So, wear your confidence on your sleeve by putting on an outfit you feel good in.

That being said, if you do get a chance to go out during your weekend, you might as well take advantage of the risk-taking liberties weekend wear presents. Seriously! During the weekend, you don’t have to plan your outfit based on its appropriateness for an office or classroom setting. Now’s your chance to slip into that figure-flattering miniskirt or pull on that midriff exposing crop top. It’s also the perfect time to test out some of your trendier pieces that might not be mainstream enough for a working environment. The weekend is your time to dress with zero fear of judgment!

This Fashionista hit the nail on the head with her ensemble! Her knit crop top is the perfect combination of risk, trend and comfort with its tummy-exposing length, high neckline and soft-textured fabric. Her maxi skirt perfectly offsets the top with its floor-sweeping length, flowing fabric and floral print that give her look its boho vibe, especially when paired with her fringe cross-body bag. The necklace she chose not only adds a delicate element to her outfit, but also mimics a piece of body jewelry—a hot trend this summer—with the way it drapes over her bare midsection. Finally, by adding a pair of wayfarer sunnies, this Fashionista is ready to take on any and all outdoor activities this weekend!

Overall, this Fashionista exudes confidence in her comfortable and carefree look—and her inviting smile is the perfect testament to that! This would be a great look for a relaxing walk on the beach.

One Simple Change: Throw on a trendy headpiece or flower crown, and you’re ready for an indie music festival like Coachella or Lollapalooza.