WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

If any of you Fashionistas out there love to pair beautiful, feminine prints with edgy accessories that serve as the perfect contrast, then you might wanna stick around for this. As a complete style junkie, and as years have progressed, I have found that sometimes in order to build a great outfit it is better to pick out one main item and work around it, instead of just trying to make multiple pieces fit together. Just in case you didn’t quite catch that the first time, let me break it down. Next time you need to put together a killer look, first find a pivotal component that will serve as the principal feature in your overall attire and then utilize it as inspiration for the rest of the pieces chosen to go along with your look. That is exactly what today’s fashionista implemented when constructing her weekend wear.

My first thoughts when I saw the Fashionista you see above were: “So much to say, so little time.” I can literally write a whole essay based on this look; but no, don’t worry fashion lovers, you won’t have to sit through that today. The item she chose as her “pivotal piece” is this amazing parisian-printed skirt. It is precisely from there that she found the color inspiration for her peacock blue tank and petite cross-body pouch. This gathered skirt has limitless possibilities and an array of colors to choose from which makes it as versatile as you want it to be. Finally, she gave her attire a spin for the unexpected by adding a pair of classic Converse All-Stars. I can say by personal experience that there is nothing like a good ol’ pair of Converse. Between you and me, they are my go-to shoe for about 70 percent of the days of the year! Just like this Fashionista, I love to finish off a girly and playful look with my pair of Converse. Her outfit is the ideal balance between feminine style and boyish comfort, perfect for any Fashionista’s summer weekend.

One Simple Change: I must say the best part of this Fashionista’s outfit is its versatility. If you’re done running morning errands or doing local tourism, try switching the sneakers for some platform heels and adding a statement necklace to the attire. You will instantly be ready for any cocktail party or girls-night-out that comes your way.