WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

One thing to keep in mind when you’re dressing up for the weekend, is where you’re going and what kind of scene you’re about to hit. Whether you’re dressing up for the club, bars or lounge, it’s important to be mindful of that your outfit fits the occasion. In Richmond the uptown bars are where people are more casually dressed, often wearing jeans and a blouse with few accessories. However, people are dressed in mini skirts and crop tops or button-downs and slacks for the downtown bars in Richmond.

I used to just throw on whatever I felt like wearing without thinking of the occasion. The most important advice my roommate has given me is to, “Dress for where you are going.”

Our Fashionisto is shown wearing a tribal patterned button-down collared top with denim washed jeans. I always encourage guys to wear button-downs because it emphasizes a suave appearance that is always a win when trying to appeal to the ladies. He is also wearing Nike shoes and accessorizes this look with a thin beaded black necklace that pairs well with his bracelet and gold Michael Kors watch. I chose to feature this look because this outfit can be both worn for the uptown and downtown scenes of Richmond.

One Simple Change: A simple change to this look would be switching from the denim jeans to black slacks to give it a more formal look. If this Fashionisto was wearing black slacks instead of his denim jeans, his outfit would be more appropriate for downtown Richmond.