WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Me-oww! Show off your personality in your weekend wear! Going for a casual stroll with some friends around town? Or are you heading to lunch at your local pizza restaurant? This is a perfect outfit for a casual daytime weekend day, whether it’s indoors finishing that to-do list or outside at the park.

This Fashionista is wearing some cuffed jeans, a cat graphic T-shirt (inspired by her own cat), a comfy cardigan and some white Converse. To top off the outfit, this Fashionista threw on some cute shades to hide from the crazy Corvallis summer sun around Oregon State! I love the sass in this outfit and how it is the perfect amount of quirky and cute to draw the perfect amount of attention to your style.  This outfit is also a great chance to show some personality with graphic T-shirts. Find your niché in graphic T-shirts, to show off the things you like and the kind of person you are.

Clothes are such a great way to express yourself and this Fashionista does so in perfect moderation and style.  Personality is key in pulling off this kind of look.

One Simple Change: If you want to change up this outfit for a casual movie date night, swap the Converse for some wedges and throw on a pullover knit sweater.  Brandy Melville always has the cutest sweaters and I can usually trust their one-size-only in the sweater department. This date night look is one of my favorites.  You’ll be sure to keep cozy with your date while still looking cute and stylish.