WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

On the weekends, it’s easy to run around in sweats and a T-shirt. However, dressing up can not only make you look better but also feel better. Who doesn’t want to feel better about themselves? Some occasions on the weekend would require a more dressed down outfit; however, for this weekend, there’s a special occasion. This outfit is perfect for a wedding, night on the town or a date night. This outfit is also highly versatile and can be changed to a more conservative look.

The flowy skirt and black halter crop top show contrast, leading to a sleek put-together look. Wearing a skirt higher on the waist with a crop top creates the illusion of a longer torso. The suede blue pumps are fun; however, if other shoes would be easier to walk in, one could always wear cute flats.

A small clutch can bring this outfit ease by having an easy way to carry essentials in a small bag. This makes traveling to new places and events quick and easy. If it’s a movie date, dinner date or a concert, this outfit suits all occasions on the weekends in the summer.

One Simple Change: By wearing a fun blazer with this outfit, one can change this look entirely. The blazer gives the look of sophistication and poise. This look is now perfect for brunch or wedding attire. This outfit depicts a fun and flirty girl; however, by changing the outfit to include a blazer as well, it is now more conservative.