WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Everyone is always looking forward to the weekend, but we dread finding an outfit for that BBQ on Saturday or a cute outfit for that party one of your friends is throwing. Because of the nice weather, some ladies gravitate towards the high-waisted shorts and stylish crop tops. Others gravitate towards more flowy and loose-fitting clothing. This look is a perfect and effortless example of flowy and loose fitting clothes while still looking chic.

I bumped into this Fashionista while running some errands and I immediately knew I wanted to write about her dress. I am not much of a dress person myself, but when I see a Fashionista wearing one well I feel obligated to write about it. This A-line floral dress is perfect for any weekend occasion. A baby shower, party or even a wedding if you throw on some heels.

The Fashionista wears the beautiful dress with extremely simple accessories. She wears a gorgeous silver heart necklace with a blue chain bracelet. She tops it of with a pair of black patent leather thong sandals. I love how she accessorized with simplistic items; this Fashionista knew the dress spoke for itself so she didn’t need loud or flashy jewelry and that it would be perfect for a lot of weekend occasions.

One Simple Change: For your next BBQ, maybe reach for a floral racerback A-line dress. It softens things up and you look ready to party and effortlessly beautiful. You can also switch up the look with a backless dress A-line floral dress.There are so many different types of the dress considering the colors that can switched up. Along with the style, instead of an A-line dress it could be more of a fitted midi dress.