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WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The best part about sweet summertime is undoubtedly the weekends: no sense of responsibility, an opportunity to sleep in and two full days for potential adventuring. As college-aged women who have become familiar with the responsibility that comes with being an adult, the weekends truly are a saving grace. But no day weekend of adventuring is complete without an outfit that is as fashionable as it is comfortable.

This Fashionista exudes fashion and comfort harmoniously. Her style reflects her easygoing, laid back personality but also conveys her sweet, fun-loving spirit. She combines an explorative, upbeat hipster vibe with tasteful accessories that accompany an outfit that is perfect for a cool summer day in the pacific northwest.

Today she’s rockin’ a pair of cuffed boot-cut jeans from Forever 21 and a cozy hoodie from Maude Vintage boutique. The simplicity of her jeans provide contrast against the sweatshirt while also emphasizing the dark brown hues and the bright pops of magenta, mustard and a rich pine green. Her sandals, a classic look from Sseko Designs, feature the traditional black ribbon and add an unexpected bohemian twist to complete the look. While these three components of the outfit all work together cohesively, this Fashionista’s choice of accessories really puts her look over the edge.

To complement her simple, clean-cut look she’s wearing three rings that add a little bit of spunk to her mellow look. Accompanied by a subtle rose gold Etsy bracelet that kindly reads, “you are a light”, her circle-shaped sterling silver Silpada ring and antique-inspired turquoise rock from Sedona Arizona work to contrast her beautifully glamorous engagement ring.

One Simple Change: Switch this outfit up to accommodate warmer weather by exchanging the jeans for a pair of shorts.