WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Suburban life greets once suburban kids with trees, railroad tracks and an ice cream parlor from the ‘50s, whoopie! (insert sarcastic comment here). But what’s that I hear? A solution to an uneventful three months stuck in the suburbs? Queue angels singing, birds chirping, clouds clearing and sunshine beaming, because I think I can hear the L banging and clanking at the end of the tunnel. Cameras flashing at Millennium Park in front of the beloved and famous tourist attraction, Cloud Gate (aka the Bean). And even horse hooves meeting pavement on Pearson and Wabash. Well, all I know is that as soon as the weekend comes through, I’ll be chuckin’ up a deuce to the suburbs and sprinting as fast as I can to the city of Chicago.

Say goodbye to your work uniform and be prepared to exchange it for something less restrictive and more what makes you, you. This Fashionistas look can withstand a balmy Saturday afternoon rummaging through vintage clothing racks at the Randolph Street Market or even survive a stroll down Lake Shore Park. Her monochromatic look is made softer by adding subtle hints of gold and a tad of denim. Although denim never truly goes out of style or is savored solely for the colder months, a simple change to which wash you pick up can make an outfit transition from summer to fall. Light wash denim is a great alternative to dark wash, purely because it creates a lighter, almost more airy feel to a look. It seems to strip the heaviness denim is often associated with away from the piece leaving behind a brighter ensemble.

A ribbed cami is not only a brilliant way to stay cool but also a delicate touch when worn with a heavier black skirt. Cube earrings add a flare of quirkiness and originality keeping this outfit from becoming too plain. This Fashionista is ready to toss the suburbs aside and introduce herself to the city. So, strap up those sandals and brace yourself for a weekend adventure.

One Simple Change: To take this look from a smooth Saturday afternoon to a night out, smack on some sexy red lipstick and a choker necklace to up the ante and release the true bombshell that you are.