WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

I have to admit that on the weekend I put a little more effort into my outfit than during the school week. Mostly, because I hate having to wake up early! While I do try to choose outfits the night before, I prefer to dress up on the weekend. The weekend allows me to have a little extra time to experiment with different shoes and accessories.

A midi length skirt is a great piece of clothing for any Fashionista to have in her closet. It is a versatile item, which can be worn with a range of different shoes such as heels, sandals, flats or even sneakers depending on your mood and style! An A-line or circle midi length skirt is great, because you can dress it up or down depending on how you want to wear it. A midi length skirt adds an air of sophistication and is always tasteful for any weekend plan. Midi length skirts with a fuller silhouette were popular in the ‘50s with Grace Kelly donning them in her films. This trend is beginning to make a comeback, with more celebrities such as Emmy Rossum and Alexa Chung wearing them to movie premieres and as street style.

This Fashionista has the perfect weekend attire. While going for a casual, yet fashionable look her pleated midi length skirt fits the bill. The skirt is great for windy summer days, as it moves delicately with the breeze. It can be worn with a black, tight crop top or a tank top tucked in to balance the proportions of the longer silhouette. This allows the skirt to shine as the focal point of the outfit. This Fashionista keeps her outfit simple and clean by pairing it with simple accessories: a watch, an oversized purse and sandals. It is great for any weekend outing such as getting brunch with friends or running errands, because it will make any Fashionista look stylish when on the go.

One Simple Change: This look is easy to transition from a casual day outfit to wear while shopping or walking through a park to the perfect date night outfit. You can achieve this by changing your sandals for a pair of heels and opting for a clutch instead of a larger purse.